All you have to do is ...is spray your Meditation Magick™ or Migraine Magick™ allow it to bathe you in beautiful organic love, get comfy, breathe deeply tune in and allow the music to tune you up. This audio is for when you need more Love not less.

Luxurious Meditation Magick™Ritual

1. Create or find your quiet sacred space.
2. Dim the lights and light your Meditation Magick™ Candle.
3. Make yourself comfortable & at ease.
4. Set your intention for your meditation, be open to receive it and trust it is done.
5. Spray Meditation Magick™ or Migraine Magick ™all around your body spraying extra areas of tension focusing on the head, temples and back of neck.
6. Play your Free Meditation Magick™ Meditation Music.
7. Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating Meditation Magick™Experience.
8. Jot down any insights in a journal and remember to take action on your Divine Inspiration, it’s magickal.

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Meditation & Love

I keep coming back to this audio & spray my Magick Spray and sit with my emotions.❤

Meditation magick

This music is fantastic for balancing me out. It's a little different but I've never had anything work this well.

Meditation Magick Music

I love the Meditation Magick Music from Lisa @ Migraine Magick especially the Heaven's Gate Meditation Magick Music. I listen to it all the time and it lifts my mood. I can really connect to the vibration. It's a great way to start the day!

Meditation Magick Music

Best yet!