All you have to do is ...is spray your Meditation Magick™ or Migraine Magick™ allow it to bathe you in beautiful organic love, get comfy, breathe deeply tune in and allow the music to tune you up.

Luxurious Meditation Magick™Ritual

1. Create or find your quiet sacred space.
2. Dim the lights and light your Meditation Magick™ Candle.
3. Make yourself comfortable & at ease.
4. Set your intention for your meditation, be open to receive it and trust it is done.
5. Spray Meditation Magick™ or Migraine Magick ™all around your body spraying extra areas of tension focusing on the head, temples and back of neck.
6. Play your Free Meditation Magick™ Meditation Music.
7. Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating Meditation Magick™Experience.
8. Jot down any insights in a journal and remember to take action on your Divine Inspiration, it’s magickal.

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Meditation magick

This music is fantastic for balancing me out. It's a little different but I've never had anything work this well.

Meditation Magick Music

I love the Meditation Magick Music from Lisa @ Migraine Magick especially the Heaven's Gate Meditation Magick Music. I listen to it all the time and it lifts my mood. I can really connect to the vibration. It's a great way to start the day!

Meditation Magick Music

Best yet!