Every where you read about nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc...but no one is talking about the CORE stuff, stuff that really shifts how you think about your migraines..I hope this helps you. xo Lisa

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Migraine Magick ebook

I loved this ebook. It's a quick read with language that you don't need a medical or biology degree to understand. It also encourages you to get to know yourself, your patterns and how your personal headaches are for you, as an individual. And, she's right. You haven't tried everything. Yet. Highly recommend. Honestly, I can't see a reason not to read it.

Key Secrets to Recovery From Migraine

Lisa's teachings have been key in my recovery and remission of chronic migraine. Understanding your own energy cycles and rhythms, honoring them with soothing rituals and maintaining a willingness to grow - these are the Magick ingredients to make a life free of migraine, pain, and stress. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, Lisa!

Migraine Magick Ebook

I gave you stuff no one is saying outloud!