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A Personal Message from Lisa Erickson


What I really want to say the spicy version...

I am Lisa Erickson  a disrupter and transformer. I am willing to surrender and trust to create what I value and love. (It was NOT always that way).

The guiding principles of my life are Transformation, Sovereignty, Autonomy, Integrity, Love and Higher Consciousness.

The most important point I can make is that YOU are the missing ingredient in everything! You are the MAGICK.

People go to their Dr.'s, healers, therapists because their life is hell.

And they either don't get what they need or they do and then find they are soon bored.. Eventually they get so sick of themselves they find me.


I come in and guide you how to reconnect back to yourself and your energy, revive your currents to plug you back into your live-stream.

When  you work with me, I help you help yourself go from RELENTLESS pain, tension, nausea & anxiety to Clear, Calm and Triggerless.

But it doesn't stop there. I gently hold your band-aid on while applying firm pressure all the while facilitating your healing underneath and building up your energetic currents and aligning your frequencies, shifting your consciousness to one that feels like the real you. And sometimes it's energetic surgery. 

It's unadulterated ALCHEMY.

Together we are a Reconnection Remedy. 

I am all about the next phase of your evolution. 

I take you from the UNMANIFEST to the MANIFEST

I UPGRADE your software. 

If you are a seeker, you are curious about the MANIFEST. 

En-lightened and en-darkened are those who enjoy the UNMANIFEST.

My customers & clients OWN the UNMANIFEST. 

Together we create the bridge from the UNKNOWN to the KNOWN. 

The world needs you or you would't be here. 

Time to cut through the b.s. and be you.


I believe this is all part of the plan.

I believe that you being here with me, right now, is also part of the plan.

I believe that everything in our universe is energy and vibrates at a specific frequency.


About Lisa and her Mission


Lisa Erickson brings a fresh perspective to this ancient practice of meditation. A meditation guide with several years of experience, Lisa has studied under the tutelage of Yogi Mystics for the last ten years. Her profound classes and teaching various methods of meditation as a technology and tool that can be used to achieve and sustain long-lasting peace.

Lisa Erickson is the creator of Migraine Magick™, a superelectrolyte spray-on migraine pain  & tension transformer. After she transformed her migraines, she was lead to create Meditation Magick not only a meditation mist but also an energy medicine that works deep into the subtle energies. After she mastered Meditation Magick she was then lead to create Love Magick, a self-love potion, a gentle heart-opener that transforms lineage densities.

In the summer she is in Maine with her family unplugging from wi-fi (mostly) and in the rest of the time she is based on the bogs—In the fall, you can find her giving her husband a hand during the cranberry harvest.

She is greatly influenced by metaphysical understandings, and spiritually scientific techniques. Lisa facilitates Magickal Transformational Retreats annually. Lisa holds a university degree from George Washington University and also comes with an extensive background in self-attunement and the healing arts. She is a Heartmath Global Coherence Ambassador, Reiki Master & writes for the Huffington Post.


My mission is to help those who suffer from migraines, chronic pain and anxiety transform their nervous system to calm, happy, healthy and holy!

I’m so excited about bringing sustainable healing, wholeness and lasting peace to others.

I was a 30+ year sufferer of migraines.  I experienced my first migraine at age 7.  Although my desire to alleviate suffering was born in me even at this young age, it took another 20 years before I would come up with a solution.

Decades of migraine medications took their toll on my body.  But my real motivation came from my children.  When they started having headaches and migraine-like pain, I decided that enough was enough.  I was not going to let my precious children endure the chronic pain I had endured my whole life.

I was determined to save my family.

My search for a solution took me deep into the study of natural remedies, and physical and spiritual energies.

And I succeeded!

Migraine Magick™ was born.  It was not just effective pain relief (though it is that, too).  It is an amazingly powerful remedy t.  People who knew me noticed a change in me almost immediately.  And they wanted to know my secret.  

I had freedom from migraines and chronic pain. I had my life back!

Now I’m presenting my high vibe remedies to the world.

I have found my life’s purpose in creating Migraine and Meditation Magick, which I call “a high vibrational energy tools that moonlights as a natural migraine/ headache/ anxiety pain reliever.”  It is an effective alternative remedy that combines science and the metaphysical, to bring wholeness to both body and spirit.