Alchemist & Alkahest

Alchemist & Alkahest

Posted by Lisa Erickson on Apr 5th 2019

Electric Magick

I’ve done you a disservice.

Especially to Seekers & Sovereigns...


Hermetically sealed myself away on the mystical bogs…

Healing, Purifying, Recharging, Transforming, Upgrading and Superradiating every day all day...

Casually whispering my secrets to handful of people & keeping the POWER of my creations boxed in heavy like lead…PROTECTED

Looking to others to supply me with their Bespoken ENCHANTMENTS...afraid of my own...

The truth is I create Medicine. Not western medicine. Ancient Medicine encoded with healing for your CORE. My Light Language.

My Magick Potions are powerful transformational medicines rooted in Al-Khem that truly shine while you are in transition, imploding you with soulful excruciatingly nourishing relief you crave…

Transforming my clients nervous breakdowns into full blown Heart Orgasms…

Finally giving their Inner Child whose been imprisoned for decades...Parol & FREEDOM

Waking up their money codes and receiving $20K two days after working with the Magick Elixirs…

The truth is you have IMMENSE ATOMIC power latent inside you just waiting to combust and that my friends is what you are afraid of…AND IT'S ALSO YOU'RE GIFT


You're afraid if you say the things you really feel you’ll be considered crazy

If you do the things you really want to do, others may get hurt…

You’ll lose the life you have now..and the Devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

REALLY? I mean REALLY? That is an bullshit excuse.

And I am here to tell you that it could be true for you and it's doesn’t have to…

It’s all how you play your own game called life.

You can be ALL OF YOU NOW.

No one else can save you.

It’s a inside job.

It’s you & you're nervous system.

The IRONY is you're soul is shriveling and you are dying inside and you know something needs to be done and you are DEATHLY afraid of what “they will think or say””...the clock is ticking (even though time is a illusion).

Do you see and feel the equal and opposite tension (String Theory) that is held in that container you have created and how the energy is trapped and IF YOU don’t do something there will be a Huge COMBUSTION, it is LAW!?

Think the Big Bang inside you (which is always happening btw).

It can look like chronic disease (in my case 30 years of chronic migraine)..

It can look like divorce

It can look like freedom

It can look Liberation

You choose.

The truth is the Magick Elixirs are reversed engineered to flawlessy permeate into your rooted core and crack you're alchemical code.

Exposing those raw vulnerable places in you...and those raw vulnerable places are like live wires exposed..they can electrocute people or we can …

They live in the dark...silently screaming to be heard..

Once they see the judgement just acknowlegment and love they can be reintegrated into you in an healthy way one in which will be you of service to you, not an dis-service to you.


You are REQUIRED to plug back in.

You are required to upgrade your circuit breakers (chakras) so you can come back online...LITERALLY!

And it will require some internal rewiring, an few tweaks & adjustments..

And you’ll be good to go and you’ll know how to “check yourself” to make sure you are running up to speed...instead of blowing out you're fuses..

Here is where the Magick Elixirs come in and blow the doors off anything deeply entrained in you're system.

You're already transforming you're lead into gold (you're b.s. Into fertilizer) and there is one missing're modern solvent, an enter the Magick Elixirs the ALKAHEST..

Paraclesus referred to the Alkahest as a “incorruptible dissolving water that could reduce any body into it's first matter”.

Imaging bathing is substance that is does not recognize or cater to anything other than what it is.


Asclepius whose wisdom has greatly influences my MAGNUM OPUS..I suggest you google him...

And if you have no clue what I am referring to but you it is other terms..

If you are working on yourself whatever form it takes you are working with you're energy. You're energy as you transform has to be converted and you want it permanently converted into conductivity so you can direct you're current to whatever you desire..

The Magick Elixirs are Spaghiric remedies structured to hold you in the highest frequencies (some unknown to man right not) so that you rise in frequency & consciousness.

As you are upgrading the Magick Elixirs introduce an new current into you're system that helps you PURIFY & RECHARGE & UPGRADE simultaneously. If you know how to work consciously this is you're missing're AlkAheST...

You're higher self will not “lower itself” to you, You must rise. This is why we can feel like our transformers are blown out and running on no cylinders because we are not meeting the requirements of our genius.

I can help you “rewire you and balance you” so you are operating at optimal lightspeed.

It's fun, it’s powerful, deep and you yields you're own greatest rewards to yourself.