Are you a Prostitute or Lover?

What is it about the proverbial, Go F(^k yourself? Are you Prostitute or Lover?

We think of it as “negative” but I know some people who use it in a “positive” way too.

That term always puzzled me.

I seriously wonder who came up with that slang in the first place.

What were they feeling inside..

What was their life like..

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with yourself with pain, conditions, anxiety, tension, or so elated with yourself in joy, happiness,enthusiasm & love?

Do you see how these can be two sides of the same coin but with a different flavor? A different energy, a different perception?

Now I am going to apply this to migraine but you can relate this to any area of your life and it has to do with something called an archetype.

Archetypes are patterns of behavior that are universal. If someone calls you a fool…you get a mental image an immediately understand the context in which someone is relating to you..

Lowen, Jung, Myss, Lynch & Johnson have taught me about archetype as they relate to the human system in their own ways.

And now I am going to share a tiny tiny bit of how I tease out yours…

In my experience by far the greatest archetype “running” unconsiously and stealing your energy is your Prostitute Archetype.

Yep you heard me. I am not calling you a prostitute but think about one for a minute…they sell their soul for safety & security.

And driving them is a lack of self worth at least that is how they feel inside, that they have no control, they don’t know how, alone afraid, no assets so they only thing they have is their soul.

And so what do they do they sell their energy, their soul, their life force in exchange for security or whatever it whether its not rocking the boat in their tribe/family, maybe it’s financial so you can provided for, maybe its working a job you hate so you get that paycheck to provide for your family.

And what is this doing inside..its’ splitting your energy and you are disconnecting deeper and deeper from your soul desire to the extent you may be dissociated and you don’t even know what you want anymore…You can’t even articulate’slike a big blank screen pops up when someone asks you, What do you want?

And that is scary.

And that tension builds and builds and builds and builds until finally the emotion translates into your biochemistry and the fight or flight hormones activate and you get stuck is this chronic pattern and it activates migraine and because we don’t know how to transmute it..the migraine becomes chronic migraine and further depletes are system and

the energy of the prostate cycles round and round and round and the migraine cycles round and round and round…

UNTIL YOU BECOME AWARE of what is running your show!

Remember that movie with Demi Moore, “Indecent Proposal”?

I don’t remember the details but that movie made me really uncomfortable.

I remember thinking I couldn’t do that. Could I do that?

In this movie,

Basically a wealthy man proposed to a couple he would give something like a million dollars to sleep with this other man’s wife. Well, like i said I don’t remember the details but the couple took the man up on his offer. (Because they were operating in their Prostitute-both of them). They sacrificed their worth & value for the $$$. And this wasa couple who really loved one another. And they thought the money would improve their lives. Ultimately, the act of high paid prostitution destroyed their lives and marriage.

But there are other ways you can prostiitute yourself. I know there are times when I have prostituted myself for the benefit of my children.

Moms or Dad’s can you relate.

At times,

You literally sell your soul to provide for your child. And to a certain degree we have been conditioned to do so…

Think off all the immigrants who came to this country, worked like dogs to provide the “American Dream” for their kids..

Another piece of this and we go can down the rabbit whole and lt’s never ending…

Is where this energy gets primarily lodged in the first chakra.

This energy hides behind the UNSPOKEN RULE: The unspoken rules hide behind certain punishment and is tied up in your self worth…

There are some of us old enough to remember “the LOOK.”

All one of our parents had to do was flash the “look” and we got back in line..

And that look could make us sink small rather than perhaps staying in integrity and speaking our minds. Or, you are supposed to respect your elder so if you did speak up your truth you got punished for doing so. Do you see how this conditions you to staying small?

“The LOOK” doesn’t work with my kids…lol…

Oh, and another aspect could be look at how your parents related to one another?

How was the interplay? Was it one of mutual respect and adoration?

This lack of worth starts when we are little..somewhere where we asserted we felt a certain way or claimed something happened to us and we went unacknowledged.

It’s called GASLIGTING..

Where we said this happened to us and our tribe a.k.a family said, No itdidn’t or you don’t feel that way or it didn’t happen like that.

When this happens when our reality is denied our energy literally freezing (see my other blog with the witch pic) and our body goes into shock and our energy literally flies out the top of our head.

Or, whatever happened to you is sooo obvious like you can see the bruises and the tribe/family says, Well why didn’t you know better, or you could have done something different to prevent it, or you looked a certain way, or you could have worked harder..or whatever your deal is..

You get the picture right.

This is stuff that literally gets hard wired into our bodies and run un unconsciously on fear and lack of worth.

I’m not trying to be a downer actually this stuff gets to be fun if you allow it.

And if you are sick to your stomach reading this stuff, good because that means for the first time in s LOOOOOONNNG time you are feeling yourself.

Just let the energy move and breath…

It’s also gearing up to the full moon, lots of energies being born and babies too.

If you want help getting back in touch with yourself, feel free to email me..or if you know how to but you need more support check out