Electromagnetic Allergies! YOU ARE INTUITIVE


Psychic free radicals…

Here is another way to look at allergies specific to migraine…(I’m not saying don’t do what you need to get what you need physically).

As allergies pertain to food lets take dairy for example…these days its homogenized and pasteurized. The grain the animals eat isn’t healthy either..its hard to credit where exactly the breakdown is or if its in your gut…

Our immune system has environmental reasons for being comprimized as well.

We have electromagnetic immune system as well and we are becoming more sensitized to psychic free radicals in the collective world.

If this is the case, I believe it is partly…the migraine brain structurally more wiring i.e. neural connections than someone who does not suffer from migraine.

If you want the research footnote google “migraine brain”. You will find copious amounts of scientific validation if that is what you need.

So from that perspective we are UBER sensitive to stimuli…and hyer-sensisitive to everything since everything is stimuli..

Also from that same vantage point it is also my belief that people who are prone to migraine are wicked intuitive and are stunting sooooo much wisdom that wants to come pouring through.

IMAGINE if you could transmute all that migraine energy into constructive creative energy?

But I digress….

Caroline Myss says, “We generate psychic free radicals from the spin offs of negative thoughts…think of a sparkler like the firework..”

We are always sparking, our nervous system is electromagnetic and always sparking chemically, millions of sparking happening at one time.

Psychic free radicals are the sparks sent into motion every time you have a negative thought or “spark off”.

But it’s not so much a negative thought..its a thought that is actually below a certain vibration (Hz).

When a vibration slooooowwws way down it hits a certain frequency and it freezes. Instead of thinking of a thought as negative or positive.

Using water as an example, Myss says, “When vibrations go below 32 degrees they become frozen.

If we put it in scale of temps of ice, snow and water…when your vibrational temperature goes below 32 degrees you will produce ice and when you produce ice you are in the psychic free radical network.

Then then stimulates the law of attraction and then you begin to attract free radicals to you that do not inherently belong to your energy system. (This is not woo woo it's at the level of electrons and protons..).

You are always attracting and when you attract that type to you it gets into your personal orbit.

And when you attract these kind of psychic free radicals it’s like your immune system fills with icicles..and your system gets denser and denser.

If you suffer from migraine..do you have cold hand and feet and yeah there is a medical term for that too?

Now maybe the average person can deal with the icicles…


comes chronic suffering or for this post chronic migraine..

you just can’t shake

the ones that become part of your chronic lifestyle..

they are kind of like thought forms that are toxic…kind of like I’ll do something about it someday..

And once you start becoming aware of how you are feeling versus the conflicting vibration of I’ll do something about it some day…it gets worse and then ..

You get caught up in the cycle of feeling the pain, then the hangover from the battle with the pain or surrender to the pain either way there is a hangover…

then you have to muster up any energy you can..

but you are already at a energy deficit because of all the other pain cycles you have gone through and

BOOM here comes another attack that you totally were NOT PREPARED for and it’s like


Do you see the pattern of the ..Ouroboros.

Back to something about your pain some day…

You have this impulse to get on with your life..

But now you become aware how you are sabotoging yourself and your creativity…

Its not that you consciously want to be destructive, most of us don’t even know that we are doing this…

It then becomes a conscious act of self destruction that gets lodged DEEP into the nervous system.

And then we get really ANGRY AND RESENTFUL AT OUR SELVES…(but we project it outwards AND its still stuck inside).

Our souls are intimately linked with the laws of Creation…to say intimate isn’t even close enough..real time maybe??

Every single solitary instant we are creating and by law: cause and effect…

So every breathe, every thought, every bite of food, every word, every bit of pain, every bit of EVERYTHING is creation.


It’s about you getting you.

No-one said it was it easy. But it gets to be if you want it to.

I love you so much!

Awesome pics by Cheryl Gorski!