Immunity & Migraine

Immunity & Migraine

Posted by Lisa Erickson on Mar 22nd 2020


We are in a time where  we are dealing with the outbreak of COV-19 and as of today's date, March 22, 2020 currently we are what I call the "migraine zone".. 

The migraine zone is a concept I created as a bi-product of not only my direct and personal experience 30 years of chronic migraine but also in working with hundreds of people and thousands of migraines mentoring them how to strategize, manage and transform their migraine. 

The migraine zone is the danger zone supports an external environment to host the internal environment that supports the migraine pattern of biochemistry. It varies from month the month and person to person but there are certain constant variables.

The Fear is a virus too.. There is an unspoken unconscious equation in this fear of both the virus and migraine that if we get it we are going to die. 

If you CHOOSE to succumb to the fear (very different that courage) you will give it a place to grow. So the very thing you are afraid of and don't want you are actually activating even more. 

The cost associated in the reactivation of this fear takes a toll on our endocrine, immune, sleep and ultimately disrupts our enter nervous system if we allow it. 

When we constantly allow the state of fear it weakens our immunity and we become less resilliant. Fear can cause us to disassociate and ultimately feel helpless. 

I know I felt completely helpless in the thick of my 3 decades of migraine.. But please hear this...

Helplessness is a learned behavior. 

When we are constantly in an activated state of fear all the time our inner saboteur gets activated. So anytime we get presented with an alternative solution we bat it away. We are already in a state that there is no hope, there is no potential solution...and we might dip into obsessive thoughts surrounding that too.. which multiplies fear. 

I know because I have been there and witnessed the same in people. But what was even worse for me as a parent was feeling helpless around my children.. not being able to help them when they hurt.. (and unconsciously I was thinking if I can't help myself with migraine, what if my children get them.. I could not BARE that.. I mean I really couldn't... when they hurt I hurt more!).

So when fear is rapid and a driver in your system: a headache will turn into a migraine.. muscle & joint aches turn into fibro, cramps turn into get the drift..

I know you don't want to hear this but you must. You are responsible for your own fear. It's time to mature how you are holding fear in your system and release it. 

By holding fear in our system unless we are running away from being eaten by a lion (which is in our dna and very much running amuck in migraine consciousness.. I wrote a blog on it somewhere)...we are choosing to constantly recreate this biochemical pattern in our system and its making the fear stronger, entraining it more deeply in our nervous system..

One of the things you can do to help yourself is to fortify your nervous system which is fortifies your immunity...don't hold space for fear anymore.. don't continue to be a host...instead start to fill yourself up with what brings you peace, calm, joy, happiness ...its a balm for the nervous system and your soul will thank you for it.