Mental Approach to Migraines

Hi guys, here is a mental approach to migraines..

But before I go into that...know that I wrote this post out last night to go out today to you..Today I am actually at a chiropracters office, an accupucturists office and a day spa delivering and selling Migraine Magick.

So, If life has caused you to move in a certain way and you don't go (this is a feeling thang) you are going to feel negative emotion in the form of physical tension. Your job is to be aware of it and if not figure out how to release the tension.

And if you don't go with what life has caused to follow and by that I mean let's say, you want to heal your migraines. Here I am offering you a solution, many solutions or atleast free quality information for you to use as guidance. If you don't take any inspired action and keep doing the same thing...

Don't worry the tension and resistance will get BIGGER AND BIGGER AND BIGGER b/c life continually is moving in a stream of energy and it keeps moving faster.

And if you are holding on to old ways there is an energetic tug of war...and the tug of war will get tenser and tauter until the emotion turns to sensation and physical discomfort.

What's happening is you are keeping you from going with the flow.

And this my "friens" all about energy alignment and the energy of your thoughts.

So, ask yourself what are you constantly thinking about? Well if you have constant migraines probably pain, what if, will I, WHEN??

These are not little thoughts, they have alot of emotion and time invested in them and the ego thinks this is how it's keeping you to reverse that at all means sudden death to the ego..

So the ego will do whatever it takes to keep you locked into any cycle it thinks keeps you alive, good, bad or otherwise.

So if you say to yourself this is it. I am so sick of these f'ing migraines and I'll do what it takes because I want to f'ing feel better, live my life, not be at the mercy of them, take my fing life really get MAAAD irate at them..

and then you get an opportunity to act on it and you don't act on it (whatever it is not just Migraine Magick)...

your energy is split and this causes resistance. If you set something in motion an intention any intention whatever it is you gotta follow up with action, little or big.

And if you are a chronic migraineur or to be politically correct if you suffer from chronic migraine (gag me with a spoon) politically correct term used to be I get fing migraines all the time! and you say you want to feel better and then you don't do anything to support that because you tell yourself or your ego tells you "nothing works"...then the universe will respond in kind to support his subconsicous believe and you will end up with a migraine..

As Good Will Hunting said, "How do you like them apples".

It's true. There are natural laws to the universe.

Don't get me wrong a chronic case will require other support as well, biochemical in nature b/c physically someone who gets migraines all the beeping time are decades deficient in proper hydration and nutrients.

But, can you see..

Can you isolate an overall general theme in your thinking in your life?

Maybe you are a people pleaser?

And so....all of this is not so much about changing yourself it's about bringing yourself into alignment fo what life has caused you to evolve to in this NOW.

So here is an opportunity if you choose to start now or wait until you get so mad at yourself you are ready to kick your migraines' ass oh but wait, you'll have to wait until the pain subsides and then you get through the hangover and then you have to gain your strength but then you have to play catch up and do all the things you were supposed to do but a migraine hit....etc...

Migraine Magick™


I love you so much, Lisa