Not with (out) my daughter!

"Not without my daughter!"

Remember how that movie made you feel!

Fearful, teetering on the verge of panic, unwavering loyalty, trapped, disconnected, exhausted, helpless, isolated, heartbroken.

Were you rooting for them?

Their survival.

A happy ending even when it looked bleak?

All the emotions, Sally Field embodied are totally relatable to migraineurs.

Another migraine on Thanksgiving.
Another migraine on Christmas

Your still rooting to be migraine-free and yet you don't really believe its possible.

I mean if it was it would be a miracle!

Best and believe another migraine on New Year’s Eve.

Yep way to start New Year’s with a bang!

Oh you say, “All I want for Christmas is no migraine!’

You tried all the diets.
Not really.

You’ve been to a migraine specialist?

Your quick to dismiss any remedy other than prescription medicine


You wallow alone and suffer in silence.
Waiting for some miracle drug that will save you.
Maybe you complain to those who will listen?

You completely isolate.
It’s invisible.

And if you are on social media you post things about being strong when the reality is you feel so incredibly powerless and hopeless.

Let’s be real thank G-d for cell phone and social media...the distraction sometimes helps..

Your greatest fear is getting caught outside with your proverbial pants down: which is another way of saying a level 10 migraine out of control will take you out at the knees perhaps forcing you in front of toilet with so much pain it makes you throw up.

God forbid it happens in public.

Your lucky if it waits to explode til you get home.

Not luck, its your mind willing it to wait.

Hopefully, the vomiting will release some tension; long enough for you to catch your breath.

And then the PERCUSSION OF THE POUNDING DRUM begins its crescendo in waves.

The pick in your eye like Foreigner says, “ cold as ice, your willing to sacrifice..”

The grip on your neck, shoulders and head is vice-like.

Am I close?

Oh and you’ve tried everything right?

If your lucky you have no children because you wouldn’t wish your genes on anyone.

If you have children your PRAY TO G-D, they keep quiet, please g-d keep them quiet and away.

If you could just get control of the pain, maybe if you could bring it from a 10 to a 7.

You know how to manage a 7.

If you could just find a “sweet spot” and pass out in dark room with a fan drowning out any jarring noises and pray to GAWD no one opens up the door the second you are going to pass out and flood light into a room.

You’ve gotten good at managing a 7.

Actually you live daily in a “migraine range” (not a medical term) of a 4-7.

You know this pain intimately.

The really sad thing is you’ve gotten used to it.

So used to it you’d almost rather it be there because that is what you know.

You pop Fiorect or Ibuprofen like gumballs.

The FEAR of it I think is worse than the pain.

At least you know the pain will be over at some point and then you can spend a few days hungover, feeling like you got runover by a Mac truck-

The fear and anxiety has 1000% taken over your life. It’s so deeply en-grained in you now you have NO IDEA!

But, I know your secret...and it’s none of the above.

Don’t worry I won’t completely expose you.

You want to know my credentials.


Navigating 12,275 migraines

Going from 365 days of agony & pain to 6.

And those 6 migraines are my own fault because i got lazy with self-care.

You are a hot mess behind closed doors. You are not living your life fully out.

Hell you have no life you are completely at the mercy of potential migraine.

Maybe your a big wig, entrepreneur, parent, child parent maybe you love someone with migraine..

Ya, how fun is that?

You think your migraines are about pain they’re not.

They are about you not fully respecting your natural rhythms, overstimulating yourself and not respecting your body.

They are about you not knowing who you are or what you even want anymore.

They are about you not being able to feel vulnerable because you are always in self-defense & fight or flight.

The absolute worst thing for you is being criticized so you’ve become critical.

They are about you being completely pissed off, resentful and frustrated because your not doing what you really want to be doing.

They are about you feeling restricted and constricted because whatever it was that you wanted to do didn’t turn out how you thought it should and your expectations weren’t met and you were deeply disappointed.

It’s about you not being your own best friend.

And you expect people to understand, how can they, they don’t know the real you..

You don’t know the real you.

Isn’t it time to start remembering?

How many more holidays do you want to lose out on?

How many more precious moments are you willing to sacrifice?

Seriously how much is migraine costing you? Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Materially?

And if you have kids, I feel really bad for them cuz you know sucks for you feeling sick and it sucks for them!

I mean wouldn’t you like a little patience and peace in your life instead of always reacting impatiently out of pain or anxiety?

What is it going to take before you say ENOUGH! And do whatever it takes to get well.

The clock is ticking...tick tock..tick tock..

When you understand your migraine are sourced from your disconnect from your self worth that is when you start unraveling your chronic migraine..

Or do want to continue to be a statistic of 38 million? think it’s a miracle drug..nope, neurologists already taking people off of it..

You know that migraine support group you whine in?
Chances are its backed by Big Pharma brainwashing you into thinking you can't get well. Or, they are run by well-meaning advocates sharing their pain and information fed to them by Big Pharma.

And by the way, all those support groups w/the exception of maybe 2 or 3 are run by people suffering just like you plus they have a couple other co-morbid conditions.

Botox, rat poison..yep let’s keep jabbing needles and poison into our body HOPING-that’s healthy

Or, lets rot our liver taking 4 medicines everyday...

That’s what I did and IT NEVER BEEPING DID ANYTHING!!! I still hurt every day.

Oh you left your house without your medicine, time to drive back and get your bag o’medicines...

You can make all the excuses in the world.

You probably don’t even realize your making excuses. I didn’t realize I was.

You wanna know what I was afraid of?

I was afraid if I didn’t have migraine, I’d have to be 100% responsible for myself.

I’d have to be responsible for my thoughts, actions, money, wellness..EVERYTHING and that was horrorifying..

It was easier to deal with migraine believe it or not they are a great distraction.

You think because you refill your prescriptions you are helping yourself?


Is this the kind of life you really want for yourself?

Is this the kind of life you want for your spouse or children?

They are watching you know.

You are teaching them something.

Is this suffering o.k. for you?

I don’t want this for you, I REALLY DON’T.

Because it isn’t a life.


You are decaying away in secret.

Bottom line is the only one that can heal you is you.

Maybe I seem un-compassionate..

This couldn't be FARTHER from the Truth!

I love you so much I am willing to say the things that no one else is.

I am willing to say what you need to hear.

I am willing to

Make you mad!

Piss you off!,

Wake you up!

There is some good news.

You can heal.

You can feel better.

And you should hope.

There are alternative ways.

I found a way out, a back door, an exit and I created a plan and a tool.

Even though I had chronic migraine more like chronic lieing to myself, my daughter woke me up.

My daughter had her first migraine at age 5 and it rocked my world.

And that is when I said ENOUGH!

Like Betty Moody, in Not Without My Daughter, I was patient, consistent, atomically determined & fueled by a Mother's love.

There was no other option. Migraine was not going to get a grip on my baby.

I am opening up 5 slots to work 1 on 1 with you.

Me and You...3 months. We biohack your migraine.

I take you from chronic pain (migraine) to chronic healing.

Here is the application link.

“Working with Lisa was nothing short of a miracle. I suffered chronic migraine almost my whole life and within one week with Lisa and her technique, my migraines went from daily to episodic and eventually migraine-free.I kept working with Lisa and I went from chronic migraine to starting 2 thriving companies within one year. ”-Oriana Leo

“Every single month I got migraine several times a month,. I’m getting older and I just can’t stand it anymore. I decided to work with Lisa and I am still working with Lisa. We got my migraine in check. She showed me my migraine pattern. We cracked my migraine code. I feel great and now we are doing even deeper work, now that I feel well enough and strong enough. I cannot not say enough about Lisa’s Magick! I went from chronic migraine to feeling tons of energy and even made an extra $20K within one month.”-Kim Sullivan

“Lisa is truely an angel. Migraine healing is nearly unheard of. Her patience, insight, foresight, passion and commitment to my healing was something I have never felt. Her love and how she held my spirit, knowing exactly what I needed and when was something I have never felt my whole life. She is always there whenever I need her. Forget about the pain that was gone within 2 weeks. What she gave me was far greater! She gave me hope and she gave me myself back! I am crying writing these words. I never thought I was going to feel better every again. I went from 10 years chronic daily migraine to maybe one a month and I’ll take it. She taught me how to recognize how my body was communicating with me and how to handle it. I am forever gratetful. I went from being bedridden and housebound for over 20 years to celebrating many holidays and full moons within 3 months.“-Leah McCormick.

“This is the most astounding product I have found in not just treating my migraines, tension headaches and basic energetic overload, it has cured them. In just a few months as previously, I had to resort to a prescription med and suffer for days as the migraine would run its course. After discovering Migraine Magick, and using it as I need it, when I feel the first twinge of a headache, or a familiar cycle of pain by spritzing generously, it allows me the unheard of freedom of not repeating the pain cycle. I truly mean it when I say it has cured my migraines, because it simply works. Not only that it raises my energy in a beautifully seamless way and the roller sticks are so handy for travel or even in the car. Instantly shifts the equation, I highly highly recommend this product and encourage you to experience the magick yourself, you will be so glad you did!”- Ana Gordon

“My daughter was diagnosed with chronic daily migraines at the age of 3. That was 3 years ago. It has been a rough long road already! However we are ever so grateful for Migraine Magick! It has given her (and I) some relief and more hope for the future! the last month using is religiously as completely turned her around to be able to enjoy each day way more! Highly recommend Migraine Magick!”-Brooke Jenkins

“Mi Magick is, simply put, amazing! I suffer from tension headaches and before Migraine Magick I was sometimes laid out for days with pain that even the strongest pills couldn't relieve. Now I spritz away the tension. I spritz in the mornings and at night and I carry the roller ball in my bag for instant relief during the day. The truly wonderful thing about Migraine Magick is that the longer I use it, the less I find myself needing it for pain relief.
On the surface, Migraine Magick works as a wonderful aromatherapy tool...the lavendar and eucalyptus ease tension and promote relaxation. Looking deeper, the ingredients and method of creating this elixir serve to enhance the aromatherapy properties and Migraine Magick becomes a powerful tool in fighting pain. The care, love and intentions used in making Migraine Magick ensure that every spritz or every targeted roller ball creates harmony within.
I am so grateful to Lisa for creating this Magick and I can't wait to see what she does next!”- Anne McClain

"Lisa who has shared with us ALL her personal experiences of her migraining story and WHY she came to make the product and SERVE the people that she does! Her passion for what she does is relentless! She is the most available person I know after you buy a product and can contact and get answers suited for you. She is knowledgeable in so many areas that this expertise proves her to be the most honest woman and so completely enjoys helping others. I cannot way enough. I have lost count how many bottles I am on now, but I know I cannot live without MAGICK! It's made my migraine, vertigo, Menieres and so much more easier to deal with on a daily basis. I use it daily, and don't leave home without it.I am grateful for the meditation site as it proves she's not just there for the product. She is a beautiful woman who believes in the wellness community of others! I listen to her meditation and encourage others to hear her! Here Instagram account touches so many lives!! I'm thankful she and @migrainemagick911 was purposely put into my life!-Kathy Sobol
At age 16 I was diagnosed with "sinus headaches" by a medical doctor and thought that I was crazy because I could hardly bear the pain. At 18 I was appropriately diagnosed with chronic migraine headaches and was given strong medication that masked the symptoms and caused me to be drowsy and often unable to function. After over 50 years of trying to manage migraines with pharmaceuticals, a friend suggested Migraine Magick. I ordered my first bottle with high hopes of immediate relief. I sprayed for a few weeks and did not get results. I sent an email to Lisa and she had a telephone consult with me where I learned that I tried the product at the cusp of a full moon, blood moon, super moon event while already in the cycle of migraine! She encouraged me to follow her recommended routine and I began again. I started using Migraine Magick Spray on January 19th, 2018. I had already had 4 migraine days in the month of January so I was well into my cycle of no return. My migraine pattern went from a total of 7 migraine attacks in January to 3 in February, 2 in March and 1 in April. I am so grateful to Lisa for her product and support. I am overjoyed at the results and absolutely recommend that any migraine sufferer use migraine magick! N Boeh, Hawaii
"I feel like I need to tell everyone about this ‪#‎migrainemagick.‬ I get Migraines So much and have some bad pain areas. I had a family tragedy today and when I got home I had a ‪#‎migraine‬ starting. I got my mail and in there was my Migraine Magick. I have to tell you I have tried SOOO many of the natural remedies ‪#‎Essential Oils‬ but not one had worked. I had been looking for a stronger one that is when I found this. I entered a giveaway one the website and won. Lisa and I emailed each other and she sent out my Prize. It worked right way first try my migraine was Gone with in 5 min and 3 sprays. Also I felt my stress of the trauma of the day start to relax away. It has 4 hours since I put it on for the first time, I feel pain free and extremely relaxed. This is a ‪#‎naturalremedy‬ that WORKS. It also has a list of other things it helps with ‪#‎ptsd‬ is one of then. I have#PTSD ‪#‎anxietydisorder‬ ‪#‎panicattacks‬ as well I can tell I won't be able to live without this already."-Jenice Grimes