If you have tried everything in your relationship! Your consciousness is purifying and growing and you think your partner's isn't. This is not true. There is a language between you two that you have not yet understood and mastered. Once you learn this language you will have the embodied tools, techniques and understanding to course correct your relationship. 


As a woman... when we  leave that's usually it...So if you are feeling like you are treading water, exhausted, don't want to get a divorce and yet still feel like you are shriveling insides and feel helpless..this is the course for you. 


I guide you step by step in how to shift and recraft your relationship and future relationships inside out. 


The beautiful thing about learning the true language between men and women is is requires you to understand the language of yourself as well. And this is PRICELESS and applicable EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE. 


Currently this is 6 weeks 1 on 1 private mentorship with me..


Included are 3 Magick Elixirs, the Nervous System Recalibration and my other audios. 

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Divine from Divorce

Amy Wall on Mar 21st 2020