Feminine Nervous System Day Spa Retreat.
A recalibration and nourishing balm for your entire system.
This is for women who are already high performance; on the rise and require this upgrade-NOW.
This is a 4-hour ONLINE RETREAT.
The perfect anti-dote to viral fear.
We will open with ceremonial Rose Cacao.
Rose Cacao is a heart-opener and will set the stage for our ascension.
I will guide you into a Creation Process you can work with over and over again to consult with your Inner Oracle and work with Ancient Elemental Magick.
This will permanently awaken you to your self-reliant and self-generating authority.
This also includes a Wealth Clearing to install bone-deep patterns of receiving.
You will receive individual laser coaching from me during the online retreat.
And we will close with a Secret Initiation into your Mysteries.
You will be forever changed.
~Ceremonial Cacao for you to prepare at home
~A ritual kit including a candle, 1 Magick Elixirs, Magick Soap, and a huge Amethyst chunk.. just because, hand sanitizer and bath salts
~And you receive my signature Nervous System Recalibration to use in conjunction with the Elixirs.
~This offer is time-sensitive due to shipping...If this is something that your body is screaming yes too! DM (and you don't have to be an entrepreneur...
Some love…
“I have been mentored by Lisa Erickson for a solid year now, and her #onthespot transformational support has been instrumental in catching me in the little moments where I am upper limiting, falling back into old patterns, and experiencing nervous system fall out.I highly recommend her mini support option, where you can reach out to her for a quick #slapoutof.
If it weren't for Lisa, I wouldn't be *back in love with my Husband, *selling 5 figure support packages, *dominating my industry. *innovating new ideas and disrupting the status quo, *feeling comfortable and secure in my own body.
LISA is the #1 mentor for sensitive women who are ready to go beyond what they ever thought possible, in the shortest amount of time. Amy Wall- award-winning beauty expert.
"Lisa's ceremonies will take you on a beautiful meditation journey to your higher self and beyond. Cacao is an incredibly powerful and complex plant with so many benefits for your mind body and
spirit, and combining this with Lisa's meditations will leave you feeling so blissed out and expansive. The only downside is that I wish I could attend them all (not Lisa's fault)!!"-Leah Constantz
"I love attending Cacao Ceremonies with Lisa. I love the sense of community, the ceremony, the meditations and learning from the others in the group. There is always a healthy dose of laughter as well. Every experience I've had has been richer than the previous one. Highly recommend!"-@kimsullivan
"You will experience the most unique transformation in your energy. Always done with the most integrity and in a gentle fashion".-@diamondlee
"Peace. Serenity. Change. Creation. Ultimate. Journey."-debbunszell
DM for link....
Why this date is special and why it matters for you to join this event even it is just energetically.
About the 4/3 Stargate: I have known that the Great Conjunct is resetting our nervous system for a while now..and it is punctuated by a few very important dates: 3/21, 4/4,6/21 8/8, 9/15 and 12/21...
I am preparing nervous systems...for the 4/4 Stargate when Jupiter conjuncts Pluto birthing Cosmic Love..-the recalibrated & upgraded nervous system.
This year is about harmonizing our upgraded nervous system to run on hi-test if you will.. The women who are attracted to this offer are beyond fate and are creating their destiny...the sky is the limit... literally and sometimes we can get altitude sickness as in upleveling at lightspeed.
I have created ways to handle the freak out of the subconscious and to prepare you and help you strategize for when the altitude sickness creeps in and it will...
This day spa for your nervous system is going to relax, recharge, recalibrate you. Your nervous system requires a steady stream of voltage to replenish, renew and repattern in ALL of you bodies: subtle & physical, mental, emotional..there are 10..
When you are installing new patterns you are going to need to cultivate staying power and stamina to sustain your patterns.
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