Magick Body Candle


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Magick Proprietary Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend 

Aromatherapy Benefits: Relieves - Stress, Mood, Aches, and Sleep

This candle has  an Electromagnetic Field of Ethereal Radiant Love and Light that surrounds everything in the universe including you~ It is your Light body that surrounds your physical one~ Your Aura is your Spiritual signature, so caring for it is vital to your well being and Spiritual Growth~

Product Details

  • Burn Time: 40-60 hours

Unlike melted paraffin wax which cools and clumps on the skin, our luxurious and decadent blend melts into an oil that remains soft on skin because its melting point is just a few degrees above body temperature. Our bees wax blend includes Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin A, E, and Omega 3 to give your skin a moisturizing and enjoyable treatment. 


  1. Light the candle and wait for the melted pool of wax to reach the edges of the jar.
  2. Blow it out and Pour it on to the desired skin area.
  3. Rub massage oil into skin. Created for use in Massages, sore areas and as a Daily Moisturizer.

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