This is a pure energy transmission.

Ek Ong Gar Sat Guru Prasad

This is a secret mantra to manifest miracles. 

Get clear on what you want to manifest. Really get clear, you will get what you want.

Download this mantra into your phone. 

Throw on your headphones  and blast this miraculous mantra and beat. 

It's 108x...so you don't need to count. Just get lost in the mantra and tones..

Wiggle it and as you do your lower chakras clear up. 

Listen to it 5x on repeat. 

Then stop listenening, assess your energy. Do you need more?

This audio is greatly enhances with one of the Magick Sprays (Migraine Magick for migraine relief, Meditation Magick for Intuition Nutrition and Love Magick a Self-Love Potion).

You are the funnel for Divine Source Energy. 

Most important HAVE FUN!!! Mwah

P.S.Its more fun with headphones on!



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Magick Mantra

Sarah Prario on Mar 8th 2018

Wow Lisa!! Thank you so much! I am so happy about this!! I can definately benefit from this energy and creating the vibration to manifest abundance!!!

Magick Mantra

Ana Gordon on Mar 8th 2018


Magick Mantra

Kelley Cabral-Mosher on Mar 1st 2018

Magick Mantra is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The energy shift is incredible! Just love it!

Miracle Mantra

Lisa on Feb 28th 2018