Migraine Magick™ Meditation Music

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This Migraine Magick™Meditation Music was intentionally custom designed to enhance your healings, meditations and manifestations pairing with the Superradiant frequencies structured into Migraine Magick™. How cool is that!!! Balancing brain waves daily is a good preventative practice to be able to transform stress before it takes you out.

This audio is structured with multiple layers of brainwave entrainment technologies that work in unison with your conscious and subconscious minds while inducing states of focus, energy, relaxation, healing and rejuvenation. 

When your brain is running optimally in organized thought, things flow more smoothly and automatically because you are functioning at a significantly higher level.  Your brain is doing much more than we are aware of consciously, and when it is properly tuned and integrated, it runs like a turbo charged super computer on steroids!

Once your mind is in an optimized state, we can more effectively bring about change by creating new neural pathways that are associated with new and more powerful ways of thinking, through a specific form of visual stimulation.  You feel better because you begin moving through life and not staying stuck.  You naturally think in new ways and automatically re-route your thinking to produce successful outcomes.

Migraine Magick™ Meditation Ritual

1.Create your quiet sacred space.

2. Dim the lights and light your Meditation Magick Candle.

3. Make yourself comfortable & at ease.

4. Set your intention for your meditation, be open to receive it and trust it is done. For example you can set an intention for healing, balancing, replenishing, regenerating and restoring....Be conscious of the vocabulary you use. Use only high vibe words (any words associated with lower vibes such as pain, hurt, etc...have discordant frequencies that are not beneficial to you. 

5. Spray Migraine Magick™all around your body spraying extra areas of tension. For example, the head, sinus, neck and shoulder region as well as the belly.

6. Start your guided meditation.

7. Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating Migraine Magick™ Meditation Experience.

8. Jot down any insights in a journal and remember to take action on your Divine Inspiration, it’s magickal.

Repeat as often as needed but no less than 1x a day for optimal healing. 

Magick Mantra

 On the inhale, "I am not this body." On the exhale, "I am not even my mind."

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    Migraine Magick Meditation Music

    Posted by Jeff on Mar 12th 2017

    Excellent compositiion of binaural and isochronic tones.