Clock your flare ups and over a few months your pattern will reveal itself.

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Migraine Pattern Calender

Kat Sobol on Jun 5th 2019

I just wanted to say New Moon argument yesterday. It's un freakin real. I'm using your moon calendar and journaling on it when we argue. It's scary nuts. Real Deal Love ya babe!

Migraine Pattern Calender

Leah on Feb 4th 2019

Holy Moly...once I saw my migraine pattern it was like a whole new world openned up. This free calendar has saved me soo much pain!

Migraine Pattern Calender

Nan on Feb 4th 2019

Once I started following this calendar...I could see how my chronic migraine behaved. Lisa gave me invaluable tools and techniques to further enhance the efficacy of Migraine Magick. I keep getting better and better and better!