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Om Namaya Shivaya & Shreem Brezhee....2 Uber powerful mantras to manifest $$$$.

Listen and or say this every day for 40 days.

Shake your booty to unblock the lower 3 power chakras.

Combine your clear intentions to manifest abundance.

Paired with one of the Magick Sprays to additionally raise your vibration and give your brain the Intuition Nutrition it needs is a HOME RUN!

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Money Mantra

Rochelle Chavier on Mar 17th 2018

I'm in love with Money Magick I can feel it in every cell and to top it off I won $450.00 my first day of listening to it's AMAZING ! I also listen to Magick Mantra 5 times everyday , love, love, love it !

Om Nama Shivaya!

Kim Sullivan on Mar 16th 2018

I LOVE THIS! So, so, so fun! Played it on a loop in my office while working and cant wait to play it with the headphones! Bouncy, catchy, energetic, feel goodness. Thanks Lisa!