Accelerated Program.. lets talk first to see if this is a good fit for you. xo

This program is $3300.00 paid in 2 Installments preferabably bi-weekly. 

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Amy Wall on Mar 21st 2020

Private Mentorship

Rosalie Somogi on Mar 18th 2020

I started working with Lisa with the elixiers first, I had seen a lot of her posts and her social media exposure and I felt a big resonance towards her teachings and embodiments directed to manifestation, the nervous system recalibration and her magick. With the combination of the elixiers, it naturally evolved into a mentorship. I have to note at this point the following: I am a Breathworker and I have huge plans and huge ambitions. Lisa recognized my brilliance but also patterns from my childhood and feminine/masculine imbalances, which made me fall back energetically and made me worried because I didn’t have control. I was in a constant rollercoaster and besides that I had romantically rooted issues for a long time already. Lisa manages to make me giggle as hell, I haven’t giggled in freaking lifetimes but I haven’t realized it until it happened. She managed to get parts of me out again, innocent and magnetizing just as it ought to be. Along our journey together I had a trip booked to Berlin. And now we get to the core so stay with me. Before my trip we talked through some things I wanted to achieve. There was meeting certain people, achieving a certain outcome for my business and a project I am working on just to name a few. Lisa mentored me step by step for all these points and we did work beforehand, she supported me all the time while in Berlin and helped me big time staying in my frequency elevated and gave me instructions on what to do when I dip. I felt loved, magnetic, I attracted the things I desired to attract. During this time I managed to meet someone I planned to, I was able to purify a connection and come from a pure space without fear, I booked 1000 Euros in breathwork sessions and a woman I know reached out to me to help me financially. It’s absolutely amazing how I can feel when a pattern wants to kick in but I am able to see it and act differently, which before that I could not! I keep working with the elixiers as they help a lot in recalibrating my nervous system and I keep working with Lisa as well. She is killing me like noone else. She is zero bullshit and she knows exactly how to read the situation and what to do. Thanks to her I am transforming my being and my business and I am able to feel feminine, joyful and magnetic again. I am endlessly grateful! Rosalie Somogyi