Aquarian Technology....The Magick Elixirs

Aquarian Technology....The Magick Elixirs

Feb 13th 2021

*I work with the Elixirs cyclically and in stages...each is a unique frequency imprinted onto the Mother Potion, the Primordial energy, the Deep Feminine integrated with the "hot off the press" Aquarian transmission with the energy that creates worlds...LITERALLY.
*You already have access to it all.
*We are in the New Moon in Aquarius, held by Saturn, a Stellium sprinkles the heavens...

and Venus is going to the Underground.. and if FEELs for women a collective purification of the belly...

*For me when Venus goes underground in a nutshell this means is she is going into Shadow world One of the reasons I had to embody the Venus cycle which I know NOTHING of really is I had to know where Inanna was in her journey...was she ascending or descending....because they in my chart I could discern if I was going up or down LITERALLY and how to prepare best for my journey.
*Inanna is CHOOSING TO DIE BY INTENT. How many of us here choose this as well?
*This information is a tool and highly beneficial for me to hold her, and have a context, a map, a deeper direction which will inform me of my context in relation to her and her journey.
*As well as it is bringing to the table, #sisterwounds #light/dark #virgin/prostitute #maiden/crone and g-d knows what there is a TON of LIGHT to be held in our systems right now.
The Magick Elixirs give you the powers and confidence to hold, love and be compassionate with yourself first. They are the Teachers you aligned for yourself when you CHOSE to come here and FEEL in this gift of life. #soulfood LITERALLY.
*They are a collective consciousness in their own right. They help you integrate and bring your SOUL ONLINE in your body temple. They are the gas to fill your SUPERSONIC SELF so you can operate your own LIGHTSHIP.
*All this disruption going on....really feels like the Heart and Love of Saturn to me..who I never had any real felt connection to her other than some distorted potential connection in the cobwebs of mind as related to Satan.
*I am pumping out Love Magick to the collective like crazy and personally I am working with Migraine Magick and LIGHT ...with the Money Honey...every day.
*To work deeper with your Elixir..keep presencing a body scan or FEEL...notice any density or discomfort...spray it...feel the purification of the space...then....thought check yourself.. what am I looping in my mind? Find the corrupted thought current mirrored in your body (mind)...and know when you spray you are interrupting the corrupted thought currents (could be collective or ancestral)..when that becomes automatic..the next step is to either deepen into the purified space and thought and or fill it with something really juicy & delicious, an EXQUISITE NEW IMPRINT FOR YOU BY YOU. ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.
*And I have been waiting one whole VENUS cycle which is 8 years to introduce them with a proper introduction. And there are no words can touch the MYSTERY.

#abracadabra #tatvamasi #harmonyconciousness