Citrine- a little sunshine for your soul.

Citrine- a little sunshine for your soul.

Posted by Diana McCallum on Jun 15th 2020

Citrine… A little Sunshine for you Soul.

Citrine is a stone of joy and abundance. It will lift your mood and raise your vibration. This crystal packs quite a punch.

Have you ever noticed your energy deplete or decrease around certain people or in certain environments? Citrine may be the stone for you.

Citrine is the stone of the Solar Plexus, this your energy center which houses your sacred life force.

This stone will help increase your life force and block it’s depletion.

Used in conjunction with Black Tourmaline ,the two are a powerful protective pair.

Sometimes being around toxic individuals will drain your energy. Some unintentionally drain your energy as psychic vampires, living off of your life force and your sacred energy.

However, on very rare occasions it can be an intentional act.

Ironically, I was asked to create this blog and I have been using Citrine daily since July, earing a pendant my husband created for me. I have faithfully worn my Citrine as my amulet. My very own Superhero’s shield.

Citrine has helped me to restore my vital life force and bring me back to Joy.

By returning to my Joy and standing in my own personal power , I have blocked the energy drain.

Plus kicking their butt to the curb was a huge help. Working with Citrine has restored my balance along with never giving my power away. Lesson learned! I will always help my fellow man and be a shoulder to cry on. I will never confuse helping a genuine person in pain with a façade of vulnerability again. Protect your power.

Sometimes though ,you do not have that option especially with family or an employer. In Most situations, the toxic individual has no idea they are draining you dry. By recognizing how your body feels around a toxic person can help you.

Energy is energy. You can feel it, everyone can. Energy between people and or the environment in which you live . Crystals also have their own unique energy. Learning to work with crystals and their unique properties can greatly enhance your well-being and restore your balance.

Keeping this stone of pure sunshine on your person, in your pocket or as jewelry will lighten your energy.

I will also often will meditate with Citrine on my Solar Plexus. While envision a glowing golden ball . It grows and illuminates and will rejuvenate a tired Solar Plexus. Your Solar Plexus is your body’s furnace, sometimes you need to tend and refuel it.

Going into the Fall and Winter months, Citrine can help with seasonal depression; a little extra sunshine to lighten your mood. Common Citrine is easily obtained in most mineral or metaphysical shops. It does not need to be the most beautiful or expensive. Pick up a crystal, hold it in your hand and feel its energy for yourself. Find a little sunshine.

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