I know you have felt dislocated.
I am inspired right now to share with you stuff I already know and embody. And, with the heavy frequencies coming in from the equinox a lot of people are feeling like, WTF is going on within themselves..Even the weather is having WTF moments...remember in the last email I said, there is external weather and internal weather some of which we cannot control but we can learn to manage it and work with it so we don't have energy deficits or leaks...but rather conservation, energy assets and containment.

There are certain frequencies streaming into our atmospheres and into us weather we accept them or repel them...either way they effect us...

Honestly if you can imagine a the space shuttle take off where you see the astronauts breaking through the atmospheric barrier at intense speed and like you see the jowels on their face being blown back by intense speed & pressure..its really no different than what is happening to our energy fields...and eventually it evens out and we feel more balanced. Or, take off on a plane for example...there is turbulence before you reach cruising altitude...the same with us and you really want to be aware of this stuff so you can understand yourself better. Believe me life gets so much easier & enjoyable when you work with your life currents versus against them or being at the mercy of them.

So if you take away nothing else from this email know EVERY one of your CELLS IS LISTENING AND RESPONDING TO YOU & YOUR ENVIRONMENT INTERNALLY & EXTERNALLY.

When you feel afraid, lonely (especially amongst people), isolated you really have never lost your way...it just feels like that. This is part of your shadow. It's part of our biology and our biology determines our perception which is the measuring stick of how we think & feel. The shadow is part of our primitive brain and has purpose. It is in place to allow us to witness our own helplessness and when you become a witness and honestly take a look at yourself...magically things start to shift...

The passive nature of the shadow feels like your lost but not just lost within family it's like a greater lost cosmically...like why am I here?

The active side of the shadow is control...being almost like OCD...trying to keep everything under wraps as if we can really control anything??

So how to to reframe this...there really isn't much to do...

It has to do with your DNA coding and shifts in awareness and a Course in Miracles states: a miracle is a shift in awareness. And with shifts come different frequency changes which effect your actions that lead to miracles!!

So you can become more aware of synchronicities in your life such as 111 or seeing a billboard or license plates or someone you were just thinking about texts you...and when you start to recognize and trust that these signs are billboards navigating you along your path you feel ORIENTED. It's tangible messages from the universe saying, "HEY, YOU ARE GOING THE RIGHT WAY." Trust them. And by all means politely command your guides to show you a sign.

Maybe you start to realize your own individual style and your begin to override perceptions and projections of others...

A lot of times this can look like mid-life crisis'...but what happens is as you become more aware certain chemicals and amino acids that make up your DNA start to unwind...

You know the JUNK DNA science talks about? HA, it's hardly JUNK is pure GOLD!!! And we have something like 97% junk DNA that is pure untapped POTENTIAL.

And when you start to unlock the DNA codes in yourself you become more magnetic. And your magnetism is greatly linked to your auric field. Many cultures refer to the auric field as your attractor field, personally I prefer that better...because when you start to work with your DNA directly and change the chemistry in your body and become more magnetic you become harmonious with yourself and ultimately all you desire seamlessly attracts to you..

Ultimately you want Unity with yourself...Wealth & Health and Peace are ultimately freedom from your resistance and that is Unity with yourself.

And so one of the many functions of ...the Magick Sprays is to purify, recharge, replenish and restore your electromagnetic field aka your attractor field and charge the prana in the air which is spiritual fuel (oxygen helps transport)in to your body or nadi (spiritual highways inside us to which there are like 72,000...the system Chinese Medicine is built on).

If you love this email let me know....

xo Lisa

En-lighten your cells (selves)