On the road  & Fast Food Fixes for Migraine

On the road & Fast Food Fixes for Migraine

Posted by Lisa Erickson on Nov 16th 2020

I am a MIGRAINE GANGSTER when it comes to migraine. I think, act and embody OUT OF THE BOX, because the BOX doesn't work.

This blog is based on that you have already read 1000"s of other blogs as to what helps and what does not...

So I am counting on you already not only having an understanding of what potentially could work for you in an emergency situation as in your migraine is at your lower earlobe and hopefully one of these tricks can keep there from rising. If you are a true migraine sufferer you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. 

1. Dunkin Donuts hot coffee, the darker the better.-Caffeine

2. Frozen Dunks  Coolata-self induced brain freeze

3. McDonalds french fries-salt & oil

4. Again Dunks.. egg & cheese wake-up wraps: they are wicked hot and help your shoulder muscles so lay them on each shoulder 

5. Crank the A.C.  in your car and put your head in front of it 

6. Stick your head, neck and shoulders  in the  snow

7. Take the tip of pencil or rock and apply pressure to the tender points in your ears til you feel the heat.

8 Massage your 4th toe-accupressure

9. Benedryl

10. A Dr. once told me take one ibuprofen and one acetominophen-effects two different pathway

11. Make yourself throw up if you are feeing nausea: warning  your head WILL POUND immediately afterwords but the tension "should"  release enough to get back into bed and pass out by that point

12. Hot bath with cold shower pounding your head

13. Orgasm (50/50 shot)

Always due diligence: get an eye exam and an MRI...maybe an allergy test, make sure you are getting what your body requires in terms of lifestyle.. and if NOTHING else works come see me, I will help you help yourself.