Posted by Lisa Erickson on May 16th 2019

Old Paradigm: Go F Yourself

New Paradigm: Go Love Yourself

You are either leading with Penetrative Energy or Receptive Energy

Every single second of life is pulsing in direct inter-course:

we are either penetrating or receiving, physically, energetically, emotionally, and mentally.

Every single breath we take is throbbing communion with the undulating lemniscate (the infinity symbol) essence of life itself.

We are either penetrating or getting penetrated and I’m not talking just physically…

We are either receiving or blocking the penetration of life…

It’s all abundance and what we make it mean...

And it in my opinion it comes down to 3 things in women: Vulva, Vulnerability & the Nerves.

Vulva: The vulva is the external part of the female genitalia. It PROTECTS a woman's sexual organs.

Vulnerability: "What most of us fail to that vulnerability is also the cradle of the emotions and experiences that we crave," says Dr. Brown. "Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy courage, empathy, and creativity." So while going to that new yoga class may feel uncomfortable, you're also opening yourself up to the opportunity to make new friends and learn a new, healthy habit. But if you run away the second those shaky feelings arise, you're just reinforcing the voice in your head that says I'm not good enough.

Nerves:The nervous system is the part of a human that coordinates its actions by TRANSMITTING signals to and from different parts of its body. The nervous system detects environmental changes that impact the body, then works in tandem with the endocrine system to respond to such events

The Deeper we Descend the higher we Rise.

The old paradigm is that is people either lead with penetrative or receptive energy.

The new paradigm is leading with balance.

I want to guide you into your Trueprint…

A place inside you where you are yearning to build bridges with yourself.












VULVABILITY- (I made it up) feelilng protected in a very safe & sacred space to practice Vulnerability while RE-booting our nervous system simultaneously.

We have to go into those micellial dark spaces into our tap roots, our source codes...

Once we expose their point of origin then we can create spaces of Permission.

And then we work through the Science of Transmutation...rebirthing the stillborn creative passion after periods of gestation.

If you are anything like me the world sometimes feels like there is a big secret and I was the only one not in on it…

To a certain extent it true and continues to be..because only I know my Mystery...and only you know yours…

My genius is to tease your Mystery out with other mysteries…

The Human heart is built for Devotion, Intimacy, Presence, Surrender, Willingness and to go beyond what is comforting and confronting….

There is a constant breaking open, an IN-volution if you choose to become a greater constellation of having profound experiences with life cultivating devotional practices…

Often how we feel inside is TOTALLY different than how we PROJECT ourselves outside…

I know for me it caused me a TON of energy leaks and ultimately 30 years of chronic migraine.

You can’t teach what you don’t know and I have spent decades doping this out to heal myself and others…

This offering is a rebooting from the bottom up/top down and anchoring in the middle…-pure MEDICINE.

If you always wondered about the Mysteries here is a golden opportunity to not only learn but also embody them into your life so you can live into your Trueprint that Uplevels..

We start with ISIS and Magick Elixirs!