Welcome to the Best Day of Your Life

Welcome to the BEST Day of your Life!

1/8/19 888 Lionsgate New Moon/ Partial Solar Eclipse

It’s lightly hailing on the bogs

A roaring fire going on inside

So many ideas (downloads) coming in at lightspeed through my spirit...

And yet my body (bodymind) is requiring ABSOLUTE STILLNESS while my soul is processing the reconnectivity of my spirit.

It's electric.

Any physical move is prerequisited (is that a word?) with the intentional thought & breathe infused into whatever body part I must move…

I am chilled to the bone

Invisibly tethered to the fire, feeding her to keep warm


Exposing my raw human to the elements alchemically transforming my divine spirit

Distilling and evaporating remaining what is unresolved

Only to redissolve it all again to be purified

in order for Source to know itself.

As above so below….as within so without…

When I close my eyes I can hear..

Imagine the Ruffling sounds of the 12 x 12 legions of UNIMPRINTED LOVE, prestigious dark angels whose wings are atomically powering up new transformers for the new grid as we unhook from the old one to make this world BETTER!

Landed. Anchoring.

I never really felt comfortable on the old Light Grid.

It’s because I was on the Dark Grid.

The grid that is before the light.

Prima Materia

It’s the dark before the light.

It’s where the Creators roam.

Creating something out of nothing with pure love & intention.

I’ve always been different.

Mainstream never really felt comfortable.

Actually it hurt.

Life always has multiple deeper purposes for me.

And it is BLAST!

I have fun with the

The ancient ones…

the current ones…

The steadfast & committed ones to their Dharma..to themselves...to the world…unconditionally

The ones who bare the weight of the world on their shoulders...holding it all down..

It's magnetic.

It's Leela.

I honor you...

Patiently waiting..

Who just need a slight break...

And I sit with my medicine...

anchoring in the codes, holding the space…

for you...

In so much AWE & REVERENCE of what and who I see around me..

Thank you, I see you.

Honoring those before me and those after me…

Without question we all came to be of highest service...my Intention for 2019 has been the same as all my other years to expand consciousness…

Welcome to the Best Day of Your Life