Love Magick-a Self Love Potion


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People need to be reminded what it feels like in the presence of love.

Now more than ever people are realizing how important loving oneself truly is. In fact, all roads lead to self-love.

This Magick elixir is about bridging yourself to yourself. 

Ahhh, here is where the rubber meets the road.

Embark on a journey of the heart with our #LoveMagickAlchemicalElixir, a potion brewed for the soul's yearnings. This enchanting elixir is a tribute to #SelfLove, an essential ingredient to your personal growth and happiness. As Valentine's Day approaches, let Love Magick be your guide, enhancing the connection with yourself and setting the stage for romance.

Crafted with intention, our elixir blends ancient wisdom with modern alchemy, perfect for those seeking to attract love or deepen the love they have. Each drop is infused with natural essences known to open the heart chakra, inviting warmth, affection, and genuine connections.

In the spirit of #ValentinesDay, give the gift of love – to yourself or a cherished one. Love Magick is not just a potion; it's an experience, a ritual that celebrates love in all its forms. With every sip, reaffirm your commitment to love, and watch as the magic unfolds. #LoveElixir #LoveRitual #HeartChakra

While you are on your quest for higher consciousness, your bodymind must be able to hold equivalent frequencies or else the higher frequencies flow in and drain out of you. If you  are practicing meditation, being mentoring by coaches, attending retreats, journaling or working with plant medicine, these are all great activations and expand your higher consciousness; AND  they need to be grounded and integrated. Love Magick prepares your body, your container to be able to receive, integrate and maintain these higher frequencies which result in sustainable manifestations and ultimately a heart orgasm. 

And it is my belief that what you are seeking is the Holy Grail, the heart orgasm which activates RECONNECTION  to your higher self and Love Magick (High Vibe Soverign Sprays in synergy with your personal development work does both ACTIVATE AND INTEGRATE all your efforts.

A heart orgasm which cannot be described in words...feels like this..


From the center of your being light begins to illuminate in waves,

in ORGASMIC waves,

outward to the extremities of your whole body,

every single cell of your being melting together in waves of light that flow out of you and back into your center,

over you around you, breathing into you sweeping through you like a million orgasms and you feel whole.

And in that instant you understand EVERYTHING AND NOTHING.

And this is the real breakthrough you are seeking. And it happens in the dark, the stillness...

It’s hard-wired into you that is why Rumi says, “What you are seeking is seeking you.”

This beautiful spray-on remedy is for keeping your heart open and protected, your spirit held and supported keeping your heart open and your boundaries clear and healthy.

"Sustainable safety evolves out of trust. Trust comes out of security. When the safety has shown itself out of safety and sustained it creates empowerment out of trust."-JWOW

And you get to live into that. 

I love this stuff so BEEPING MUCH! Glorious Nourishment.Self soothing.

It's my "bubba" a baby bottle only for adults!  

It's a purifying gentle releaser for heartache, grief, insecurity, being disconnected from your personal power and any time your heart needs support. 

What you need to know:

INSIDE: LOVE MAGICK loves you right back holding you in sacred space, and gives your the gift of not only self love but also, self-trust and confidence especially when you are :GOING THROUGH IT". Imagine if you held a mirror to your higher self, Love Magick anchors the higher frequencies in place to help you stretch.

OUTSIDE: same as above and you rebirth into the world "smelling like a rose". 

Bulgarian Rose Otto (Rosa damascena), Frankincense (carterii and sacra), and the Magick Essential Oils Proprietary blend; Colloidal Gold and Pearl Powder; Grapeseed (Vitis vinifera) and Magnesium oils; Atlantic, Dead and Himalayan Sea Salts; Rose Quartz, Malachite, Green Jade, Amazonite, Pink Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Prasiolite, Moonstone, Angelite and Spirit Quartz Gem essences; C-2 & F#-2 frequencies for heart and root chakras; structured with Scalar Energy & Hado Therapy; infused by Maha Mantras. 




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  • 5
    Love Magick

    Posted by Pam on Oct 26th 2019

    Hi Lisa. I want to give u a quick update. I LOVE, Love Magick. It has already begun to transform my life. My relationship with my mother and sister has improved.

  • 5
    Love Magick

    Posted by Kristin Gilbert on Sep 24th 2019

    “I receive the opportunity to work with ALL of Lisa’s Elixers in true reverence of the Magick that they are. I also use All of the migraine and meditative tools... incorporating some with my client healings

  • 5
    Love my Magick Spray

    Posted by Mel on Jun 21st 2019

    Excellent product, saw positive changes right away!

  • 5
    Love Magick

    Posted by Cindy on Jun 5th 2019

    No words to express my gratitude for facilitating and supporting me finding me again. Energy work and unraveling patterns is what I needed and I know I called you in knowing what I needed. I love you soo much!! and I love Love Magick!

  • 5
    Love Magick

    Posted by Danielle Lauren Bolton on Jun 3rd 2019

    “When Lisa appeared in my life and brought Love Magick into my world it was a before and after moment. It felt like the perfect match for what I needed in my own heart. Along with exactly what I had been calling into my life for assistance with the work I am doing serving the world. I work very deeply in the heart space and Love Magick has become my ultimate companion. I truly believe it helps us to answer the excruciating question of how to love oneself. While I’m unable to truly articulate how this alchemy happens, I know it is at the very least a perfect companion for that never ending journey of self. Love Magick shares in my most emotionally intimate moments. It meets me in a place that nothing and noone else can. It’s there for me when I’m having trouble being with and meeting myself. I believe in and support this wonderful creation whole heartedly, literally. It is such a gift and I am honored to help share it with the hearts calling for it around the world. Thank you for bringing your Magick, in all forms into the world Lisa.”

  • 5
    Love Magick

    Posted by Caryn Terres on May 23rd 2019

    Hey Yall. I am caryn I am a Pleasurable Parenting coach. If you are wondering WTF is wrong with your kids then I am your gal! I have been using the Love Magick Elixir since March & I have launched a 5 figure business, been invited to perform at a Signature Temple event hosted by a mulitmillionaire, and completely evolved into a whole new human! Lisa Erickson is an Alchemist Extraordinaire and i am so excited to be a part of this amazing tribe!

  • 5
    Love Magick

    Posted by Kelley Cabral-Mosher on May 17th 2019

    "I've been using Migrain Magick, Love Magick, and the roll on for years! Whether it's the spray or roll on - they are just amazing! Right now my roll on is in my purse ready to use! Thank Lisa!

  • 5
    Love Magick

    Posted by Debra Henderson Bunszel on May 17th 2019

    "Wether I spray or use roll-on.. instant relief. I spray happy places and problem areas! I love the way the roller also gives a mini massage when applying. Any of the three elixirs does something special to my mind and body. I feel immediate refreshment and clarity. I use on my client's feet during reflexology and my Reiki clients benefit weather from my use or my spraying them. I honor the Magick Experience as a healing modality. ~ Debra Bunszel, Reiki Master Teacher"

  • 5
    Love Magick

    Posted by Amy Wall on May 15th 2019

    No words!! I did a live video on how much this elixir has blessed my life! It made me come home to myself, experience a heart orgasm, totally change courses in business that I am more aligned with!! And I am including Love Magick in one of my offerings!!!! xoxoxox It's PRECISE ELEMENTAL MAGICK!!