Migraine Magick® Roll-on

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This Migraine Magick® Roll-on was created because my daughter who was 6 needed to be able to apply her Migraine Magick® 

Sometimes the little ones can't articulate where the "boo-boo" is. 

This is refillable from the Migraine Magick® bottle. 

Migraine Magick® is a natural solution to quickly relieve pain and muscle tension in a chic and practical pocket format. see Migraine Magick.


Discover instant #MigraineRelief with our revolutionary Migraine Magick® Roll-On, an essential ally in your #HolisticHealth arsenal. This powerful blend of natural ingredients is designed to provide immediate ease from the intense discomfort of migraines. With a simple roll-on application, experience a cooling sensation that targets pressure points, promoting rapid relief and recovery. Ideal for on-the-go support, it's a perfect complement to our broader range of #MigraineSolutions, including elixirs, helmets, ice hats, patches, and more. Whether you're at home, work, or on a retreat dedicated to migraine management, our roll-on is your quick, mess-free guardian against pain. Say goodbye to the days of waiting for relief and welcome a life where tranquility is just a roll away. #HeadacheRelief #NaturalRemedy #MigraineSupport 


Migraine Magick®  contains no preservatives, parabens, colourings or alcohol.


The massage (accupressure) effect and the cool sensation provided by relieves the tension associated with headaches and migraines.


The roll-on is meant for on-the-go and complementary to the bottle. Chronic migraineurs should START with bottle because you need to target a larger surface area. The roll-on is great for any other kinds of headaches.



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    Migraine Magick Roll-On

    Posted by Margaret on Oct 26th 2019

    This may be crazy but I have not had a migraine since - your Magick after being plagued since my early 20s. Ok yes I turned 50 and my drs tell me it’s my hormones calming down- not a “potion” . I would give u any testimonial also everyone who knows me knows how horrible my migraines were.

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    This is something special..

    Posted by Katie Dorn on Jun 5th 2019

    I wrote a review for the full bottle, too, as I'm fortunate enough to have both. Let me tell you, this is my little gem. It goes everywhere with me now. I place it on all my tension spots (including my jawline) and this stuff MUST be magick because I'm hooked. I've used essential oils consistently in the past and there is something very, very special and healing about Lisa's blends. (It must be her loving energy, because she's amazing and I feel it.) If you're reading reviews because you're on the fence and you're skeptical like me of all the 5 stars, don't be. They're there for a reason-- and now I know. You have to experience it. XO

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    Migraine Magick

    Posted by Kelley Cabral-Mosher on May 17th 2019

    "I've been using Migrain Magick, Love Magick, and the roll on for years! Whether it's the spray or roll on - they are just amazing! Right now my roll on is in my purse ready to use! Thank Lisa!

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    a lifesaver

    Posted by Allison Fab on Sep 27th 2018

    I've suffered from migraines since I was a young teen and always had to carry some sort of medicine with me. Now, I carry my roller wherever I go. I love how the cooling effect of the rolling ball partnered with the magick in the Migraine blend helps not only my migraines when they first strike, but also helps so much with overall anxiety and tension. It's seriously been a lifesaver. Added bonus- I feel totally safe using it on my kids whenever they have pain too (one of the many reasons I carry it with me everywhere I go).

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    Migraine Magick Roller

    Posted by Sarah on Sep 26th 2018

    The best! So great to have on the go and in your pocket! I use on my temples, pressure points and right under my nose for relief! Migraine Magick has made such a difference for me!!

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    Posted by Lorrie on Sep 26th 2018

    I don’t leave home without my roller or any other Magick brand product for that matter. I have had migraines for 50 years and this is the first thing that has worked on the stabbing pain in my eyes. I just roll it on and pain subsides. So thankful for Lisa and all her help and the variety of her products. They are a true blessing.

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    Migraine Magick Roll On

    Posted by Kim on Sep 26th 2018

    I love my roll-on. I keep one in my desk drawer at work and when I feel any tension creeping up (which can trigger a migraine for me), I use it. I like to apply a little pressure too. I use it on the back of my neck, forehead and temples. And, people always me ask what smells so good!

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    Migraine Magick Roll-on

    Posted by Lisa on Sep 26th 2018

    This stuff!!! keeps me from getting a sinus infection and needing a Z-pac! When I start to the congestion coming on and sinus pressure I start using it religiously and it keeps congestion "productive"...When I remember to refridgerate it...it feels DIVINE on my sinuses.

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    It really works!

    Posted by Kari K on Apr 23rd 2018

    I love having this rollon when I’m traveling! Although, it’s not as effective as the spray. The spray is a life changer to me! It honestly takes my severe headaches AWAY and it’s very refreshing!