This is a 65 minute self inspired Nervous System Recalibration. 

The purpose of the is solution is to re-attune you as you undergo vibrational upgrades as well as bringing the body into balance where your natural relaxation can kick in for you to feel ALOT better. 

This is a one-stop Magickal experience organizing your energy and balancing you on multi levels.

This is meant to be used in tandem with a Magick Elixirs (actually 3 are included in this package), which provide the energy you need to evolve, transform, rebirth all the while growing your light quotient so you can accrete more light. 

There is also a 30 minute Integration call as follow up after 1 month of working with this medicine.

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Nervous System Recalibration

Marjorie Y. on Mar 31st 2020

Just have to say how Grateful I am. Lisa encouraged me to do the Nervous System Recalibration and when I saw Louisa say she listened while doing things around home, I had been avoiding it for fear I always return to: Here with my two kids I will NEVER get alone time to focus and complete it. Had tech difficulties but tried three work-arounds. Was listening when kids awoke. Did not collapse. World kept turning. Put on hoodie with phone in front kangaroo pocket and headphones IN and just carrying on. I was seriously making scrambled eggs & toast for me & kiddos. Was washing wooden egg stirring spoon when got through final plasma layer to be exposed to Source and was shaking and buzzing and softly crying and releasing and it was so magickal and so amazing. Such powerful stuff even as I stood at kitchen sink. The kids have been awesome bc my energy is awesome. Now I KNOW I can do this NSR each and every day and carry on, and not be afraid of not being able to focus on me /my System. Lovr Love Love. I feel so amazing and utilized Love Magick as my supporting spray and this is just....The Best. Thank You Lisa E

Nervous System Recalibration

Luisa on Mar 30th 2020

Thank you! I listened to it this afternoon. I was in the middle of 3rd part when I accidentally stopped it. Dude I got so nauseous and mouth wash salivating like crazy. Then when I finally got it back on everything was better. The 4th part about being wrapped in the green light, I was enveloped in a beautiful rich purple. The most royal purple I have ever seen. Also I kept bobbing my head to the Indian drums. So beautiful and relaxing even though I was still doing stuff around the house. I felt that my unconscious was doing the recalibration, while I was putting around the house finishing stuff. I really did feel like I was split in two but in a good way.

Nervous System Recalibration

Kim Sullivan on Feb 3rd 2020

The NSR is an hour devoted just to myself. I have been surprised in the ways it has helped me. I like physical, practical uses for things along with my energetic and spiritual growth. After about a week of listening daily I found that I had more energy and my energy was much more even throughout the day. I also found that my body was craving it if I missed a day and I would be reminded by my nervous system to sit and do my work. Highly highly recommend and do it how Lisa tells you to.