The 3 Quantum Laws you need to know.

This is one of my favorite meditations...

Plum Village Chant

I was talking to a friend/customer today and it reminded me of the 3 Quantum Laws that everyone should know...

1.The Law of Creation...associated with Brahma who's counterpart is Saraswati, the proton and intelligence.

2.The Law of  Maintenance who's associated  with Vishnu who's counterpart is Lakshmi, the neutron and money.

3. The Law of Destruction associated with Shiva who's feminine counterpart is Shakti, rebirth, and the electron. 

I bring these up because many of us have felt like we are in holding patterns. The scoop is maybe you have. There is a purpose for it. It is clearing the way for you to get down and dirty and authentic. 

Everything that is happening is happening for a reason. You may not like, it's not usually pleasant to be honest. But, everything is happening for your highest good to pull you out of a patterns that are not in your highest good. 

So, if you are in the Cycle of Maintenance, it kinda feels like, "I feel it coming, I feel it coming, I feel it coming.." the hurry up and wait syndrome...well if you are feeling this it is coming. 

There is something called a Particle Convergence that begins in August. I will tell you more about it later when I figure it out. But, you want to prepare your body, mind and soul to receive the gifts that will come with it. 

So surrender while maintenance is being done. Self-care is crucial. This is where you are rejuvenating and recharging your body on a molecular level...It may feel very physical but it goes alot deeper than that.

To me that means eating lighter, food that contains more light such as fruits, veggies and nuts this is called positive pranic food. It means cleansing my thoughts and energy. I do this by meditation and Migraine or Meditation Magick Spray. It means trying to be as conscious of as many things as I can be. 

The reason I love this meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh because I really feel his heart and the rest of the sounds and bells are superresonators. This meditation brings me into the present moment, especially when I intentionally light the Magick Candle and spray myself with the Magick Sprays. The more I can support my nervous system through all my senses the better I feel. 

We are all super powerful and together we are better. 

Mindfulness and Better Matters, xo Lisa