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Epic Migraine Masterclass

Michelle on Jun 17th 2020

The workshop you ran yesterday was illuminating and gave me so much clarity and hope. I now feel I have a direction to focus my healing or wholeing. Your perspective and warmth were deeply felt and appreciated.

Epic Migraine Masterclass

Justina Ravve on Jun 17th 2020

I recommend to those who believe that diseases show what you need to handle in their lives and are ready to take it For those who don't know what this is so special when it doesn't hurt because it's too rare. I choose a lot of " yeah " moments from nutrition, living to psychological things and why sometimes it's a " more comfortable " choice than not to break

Epic Migraine Masterclass

Jerilyn Ito on Jun 17th 2020

Finally able to watch this masterclass. So much sense not just in a clinical sense, but also where is also comes from in an energetic and spiritual place. You are a magician!

Epic Migraine Masterclass

Lisa Erickson on Jun 17th 2020

Lisa, I think I did it!!! Your two migraine webinars that I attended were the last keys to the puzzle that was my migraine mystery. I have made it through a full moon, several weather changes and a myriad of other stuff that would have put me down and I didn’t have anything!! A few tingles and some twinges, but nothing that your spray couldn’t take care of. Thank you, thank you! It feels soooo good to not have pain! The keys…it was your mention of needing more fat, salt and having a glucose intolerance. I’ve drastically changed my diet to clean keto, included electrolyte water daily and cut out all sugar. That’s exactly what my body needed and it was finally putting all those pieces together that did it. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to put all this information out there. You never know which keys somebody is missing to turn them around. Now to work on the inner stuff :). Thanks also for the private facebook group…I had a chance to watch the Rootwork and the Sacred Rage replays…very interesting stuff came up for me. Thank you again for all you do! Allison Sorensen