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First stop in my journey was my body!

I was gifted chronic migraine for over 35 years.

I truly mean a gift, they are one of my greatest teachers. 

Click here to read my Love Letter to Migraine Blog

I tried everything! Researched everything! Embodied almost everything and I couldn't heal myself..until...

My 6 year old daughter came downstairs one day with her tattered blankie and I like a Deer in Headlights, I knew...

She said, "Mommy, sound and light hurt my head, my belly feels like throwing up, my hands and feet are cold....help me."

That is was it. Right there and then looking out over the bogs, I DECIDED I was going to change the potential outcome of her following in my "migraine pattern"!


So I went back to the drawing board, started pouring over all my research & stuff and patterns started jumping out at me. 

And then I SURRENDURED (in my bathroom, you can click on link About Lisa to hear it and learn more about me)...

One night turns out on a New Moon, I created this Magick Potion and I made a mistake, that turned out to be one of the greatest mistakes I ever made!

What you really want to know is...this is a topical spray-on that will at the very least make you feel better, shorten the intensity and frequency of your pain if not transmute it completely.

OUTSIDE: Migraine Magick transforms your physical relentless pain and tension immediately

INSIDE:    Migraine Magick is replenishing what your nerves are SCREAMING FOR NOURISHMENT

Soothe your senses and conquer migraines with the transformative power of Migraine Magick® Elixir. Migraine Magick® elixir, a harmonious blend of nature and science, is meticulously formulated to provide #MigraineRelief without the use of pharmaceuticals. Immerse yourself in the healing embrace of our #MigraineMagick®Elixir, which uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and minerals, designed to alleviate the discomfort from migraines and restore balance to your day.

The Migraine Magick® Elixir is the essential companion for those seeking a natural and immediate reprieve from the clutches of migraine pain. Its convenient stay on fine mist application allows you to apply the therapeutic formula directly to a larger surface area  delivering swift and soothing #NaturalMigraineRelief. Infused with a blend of calming essential oils, this migraine relief is a must-have for your self-care toolkit, providing relief at home, in the office, or even while retreating into nature for a holistic escape.

Elevate your wellness journey with Migraine Magick® Elixir—your support in your healing journey with migraine, empowering you to live your life in comfort and harmony. #HeadacheSolutions #MigraineSupport #WellnessJourney

Migraine Magick is both a "remedy" and a supplement. It is a lifestyle tool that will give you your life back if used as directed. 

Bottom line, what are migraines costing you? I know they cost me $$$, patience and time with my family, and most of all disconnection with myself. 

My story is truly MIRACULOUS. 

I created this AWE-SOME healing elixir, and I as I continue to work with it, come to find out the ingredients contained in it is also #INTUITION NUTRITION. 

As a result my INTUITION sky-rocketed!. 

BEWARE: Once you transform your physical pain, the stuff you are distracted from the underlying b.s. will need to be dealt with, you just have to go through it but HOW you go through it is EVERYTHING. 

Here is a link to RE-CONTEXUALIZING PAIN Blog.

(Next stop on my journey is (Meditation Magick).



I will gladly share my recipe and blend with you upon request. 

Magick is a natural solution to quickly relieve pain and headache in a chic and recyclable format.

Migraine Magick contains no preservatives, parabens, colorings or alcohol.

Migraine Magick restores, rebalances, replenishes cells in a high vibrational solution to keep you running happy, healthy, holy and balanced.



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    Migraine Magick

    Posted by Margaret on Oct 26th 2019

    This may be crazy but I have not had a migraine since - your Magick after being plagued since my early 20s. Ok yes I turned 50 and my drs tell me it’s my hormones calming down- not a “potion” . I would give u any testimonial also everyone who knows me knows how horrible my migraines were.

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    MIgraine Magick

    Posted by Valerie Price on Sep 24th 2019

    I've been using the Migraine Magick sprays for a year and worked with Lisa 1 on 1 for several months to help with chronic migraines. I have definitely experienced improvement and am so grateful to Lisa for all her help. She is a generous soul with great knowledge and insights to share. I had my first "migraine-free" Thanksgiving in decades when I began working with Lisa and her Elixirs.

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    MIgraine Magick

    Posted by Kristin Gilbert on Sep 24th 2019

    “I receive the opportunity to work with ALL of Lisa’s Elixers in true reverence of the Magick that they are. I also use All of the migraine and meditative tools... incorporating some with my client healings

  • 5
    MIgraine Magick

    Posted by Rhiannon on Jun 22nd 2019

    Since my first MM purchase (about a month ago), aside from having zero migraines (a big deal in itself!), I have also experienced a big breakthrough conversation in my marriage, quit my job with the horrendous boss after completely discovering how bad that situation was (I hadn't really understood because I was distracted by my headaches!) and have just been asked for my resume by an organization that's in my industry but operating at about 15 levels above my former employer. I mean WOW WOW WOW there are no words!!!!!! My husband and i went for a couple's massage on Sunday and for the first time in my life I laid there and thought, I really don't have any tension? I could feel the difference! I could go on but I just had to tell you and thank you again and again. Sending all my love and gratitude,

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    How Do I Even Describe the Magick..

    Posted by Katie Dorn on Jun 5th 2019

    First of all, I could write at least 5 different reviews because I'm so stoked about this stuff. (And if you count the times I've talked to my friends, gushed on social media, or reached out to Lisa, I'd be there.) I actually didn't think I'd need a big bottle as I don't often suffer migraines and I'm fairly savvy when it comes to essential oils.. Well, I can't tell you what makes this so different, so it literally HAS to be infused with Magick! It's absolutely incredible. I love the smell, I love the feelings, I don't know how but my moods are improved, I use it for ailments with my son where he's holding pressure/tension (his belly).. Don't listen to me for how you're supposed to use it is basically what I'm saying because it's become my cure all. I'm obsessed and I want to live in this stuff. It's 1,000,000,000,000,000% worth it. Don't hesitate!

  • 5
    Migraine Magick

    Posted by Kate Deriso on May 22nd 2019

    Migraine Magick is a Divinely inspired creation by Lisa Erickson. Her elixirs not only stop a migraine in its tracks, it is infused with vibrations that amp you up or ground you. I use with my clients to settle their nervous systems before a massage. I also use her Meditation Magick when I want to do Spirit Guide work and journaling.

  • 5
    Migraine Magick

    Posted by Kelley Cabral-Mosher on May 17th 2019

    "I've been using Migrain Magick, Love Magick, and the roll on for years! Whether it's the spray or roll on - they are just amazing! Right now my roll on is in my purse ready to use! Thank Lisa!

  • 5
    Migraine Magick

    Posted by Debra Henderson Bunszel on May 17th 2019

    "Wether I spray or use roll-on.. instant relief. I spray happy places and problem areas! I love the way the roller also gives a mini massage when applying. Any of the three elixirs does something special to my mind and body. I feel immediate refreshment and clarity. I use on my client's feet during reflexology and my Reiki clients benefit weather from my use or my spraying them. I honor the Magick Experience as a healing modality. ~ Debra Bunszel, Reiki Master Teacher"

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    Migraine Magick

    Posted by Caryn Terres on Apr 17th 2019

    Ryan's headache started at 2pm. At 5pm he got home and I started rubbing the Magick on him. By 7pm he was sleeping in a dark room. And at 9pm he got up, all better. Had dinner, watched TV and even wanted to get laid. That has NEVER happened. Less than 7 hours. Freaking MAGICK!!!!